Eastern Workshop 092811

PTTC/DOE/RPSEA Gas Shales Workshop @ AAPG Eastern Section

September 28, 2011


Dan Soeder, NETL – DOE
Petrophysical Characterization of the Marcellus & Other Shale Gas

Dr. Julia Gale, BEG
Marcellus Shale Geology—Contrasts to Other Shales

Jordan Ciezobka, GTI
Marcellus Hydraulic Fracturing

Dr. Grant Bromhal, NETL – DOE (presentation not available at this time)
Geomechanical Modeling of Hydraulic Fracturing

Dr. Dag Nummedal, CSM
Reservoir Connectivity, Mamm Creek Field Comprehensive Tight Gas Sand Field

Thomas C. Chidsey, Jr., Utah Geological Survey
Paleozoic Shale-Gas Resource Potential of Utah: Project Results and Recommendations

Dr. Nick Harris, The University of Alberta
Gas Composition and Migration Pathways

Dr. Alexandra Hakala, NETL – DOE
Evaluating Potential Risks for Marcellus

Charlotte Schroeder, RPSEA
RPSEA Research Project Overview

Rick Hammack & Dr. Natalie Pekney, NETL
Field Monitoring for Baseline Assessments of Potential Environmental Impacts