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November 2017 – Today’s PTTC Is Following The Lead of Predecessors

October 2017 – Geomechanics Key To Understanding Fracture Design

September 2017 – Rock Fabric Awareness Can Make A Big Difference To Improve Completions

August 2017 – Online Data Access Speeds Decision Making For Better Results

July 2017 – Is Now The Time For ‘Closeology’ To Give Way To Technology?

June 2017 – After-Closure Analysis Offers Speedy, Accurate Way To Evaluate Permeability

May 2017 – RFID Technology Is Beginning To Impact U.S. Oil Operations

April 2017 – Workshop Offers Advice On Lowering Electrical Costs

March 2017 – Government And Industry Responding To Induced Seismicity

February 2017 – Consistent Hole Size For Horizontal Perforations Improves Performance

January 2017 – RPSEA Review Includes A Presentation On Developing ROZ

December 2016 – DFIT Provides One Method To Analyze Formation Data

November 2016 – AAPG Workshop Suggests Ways To Profit From Mature Fields

October 2016 – ‘Mining’ Process May Be Way To Recover Remaining Oil

September 2016 – RPSEA Progresses Into A New Phase Of Helping Small Operators

August 2016 – Wichita Workshop Focuses On Advancements In Waterflooding

July 2016 – TORP Tests Chemical Floods For Mature Fields

June 2016 – Poorly Performed Decline Curve Analysis Won’t Be Reliable

May 2016 – IOR Conference Highlights Methodologies To Produce More Oil

April 2016 – Tight Oil Begins To Have An Impact On IOR Conference

March 2016 – Can Refracturing Provide An Avenue For Raising Production?

February 2016 – Study May Help Increase Applicability Of CO2 Flooding

January 2016 – PTTC And TORP Offer Advice On Coping With Rod Failure

December 2015 – Small Operators Innovate To Survive Difficult Market

November 2015 – The Right Approach Can Counter The Effects Of Near-Wellbore Damage

October 2015 – Technology For Producing Heavy Oil Making Headway

September 2015 – Heavy Oil Resource Catalyst For Innovation In Eastern Kansas

August 2015 – Injection Testing Opens Window To What Occurs Down Hole

July 2015 – Authors Suggest Technology To Control Liquid Loading

June 2015 – Advancements Expand Applications Of Polymer Gels Beyond Water Control

May 2015 – TORP Conference Brings IOR Technology To Mid-Continent

April 2015 – Various Techniques Help Offshore Operators With Sand Control

March 2015 – Focus Turns To Refracturing For Better Well Performance

February 2015 – U.S. Operators Capable Of Overcoming Difficult Times

January 2015 – Geosteering Laterals Critical To The Success Of Horizontal Wells

December 2014 – Reorganized PTTC Continues Its Mission To Serve Independents

November 2014 – Project Aims To Help Operators Reduce Flaring

October 2014 – Course Emphasizes Value Of ‘Doing It Right’ In Horizontal Wells

September 2014 – University Research Offers Way For Companies To Become Involved

August 2014 – RPSEA Conference Presents Ideas Applicable In Mid-Continent

July 2014 – Geomechanics May Be The Key To Designing Effective Fracture

June 2014 – PTTC Offers Array Of Training Opportunities

May 2014 – MEOR Presents Another Opportunity To Imrpove Recover

April 2014Some Simple Steps Help Reduce Power Costs In Producing Fields

March 2014Helping Develop ‘Environmental Culture’ Is Book’s Goal

February 2014Right Training Makes Big Difference In Operations

January 2014Projects Offer Solutions To Problems Found in Field