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PTTC West Coast RegionPTTC’s West Coast Region primarily serves California and Alaska, but the region also includes Oregon and Washington. Outreach and technology transfer activities are provided through Conservation Committee of California Oil and Gas Producers (CCCOGP).

JERRY ANDERSON has served as RLO West Coast Director since October 2007. He is currently Executive Director of the Conservation Committee of California Oil and Gas Producers (CCCOGP), which works directly with the California DOGGR in making recommendation of Maximum Efficient Rates of oil and gas production to the State Oil and Gas Supervisor. CCCOGP has over 250 members representing producers (93% of California’s production), service companies and consultants. Prior to this, he worked for Texaco (formerly Santa Fe Energy and Monterey Resources) as an Operating Unit Manager. He has industry work experience as a Facility Engineer, Production Engineer, Reservoir Engineer and Engineering Supervisor. Mr. Anderson is also an independent oil and gas producer with production in California.

Jerry Anderson
Conservation Committee of California Oil & Gas Producers
5060 California Ave., Suite 1200
Bakersfield, CA  93309-0726
Phone 661-635-0557  Fax 661-635-0558

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