PTTC Midcontinent RegionPTTC’s Midcontinent Region serves eleven states including Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, and the Dakotas.  

JEREMY VISCOMI joined Kansas University’s Tertiary Oil Recovery Project (TORP) in May 2010 and became Regional Director for PTTC’s North Midcontinent area serving Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. Prior to his appointment, Viscomi was Program Officer for the KU Energy Council. He led that organization in the development of multiple technical conferences, short courses and tradeshowevents, gaining knowledge of the O&G industry in Kansas. On behalf of the Energy Council he traveled the state forming relationships with key energy leaders, becoming acquainted with producers as well as regulatory, supply, service and marketing personnel, as well as KIOGA and EKOGA officers. He organized multiple technical conferences, short courses and special events bringing together national speakers and led multiple web-based initiatives. In addition to his work in energy, Viscomi has almost a decade of experience organizing technical conferences, special events, and trade shows.

Jeremy Viscomi
The University of Kansas
Tertiary Oil Recovery Program
Lawrence, KS  66045
Phone 785-864-7396

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